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How To Be A Speakers Bureau's Favorite Speaker!
Specific information on what Speakers Bureaus want.
What they like and don't like.
Anonymous comments from bureaus which tell it like it is.

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How To Be A Speakers Bureaus and Lecture Agents Favorite Speaker

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Table of Contents, and an excerpt from the Introduction of the eBook How To Be A Speakers Bureau's Favorite Speaker!

"HOW TO BE A BUREAU'S FAVORITE SPEAKER," an e-book by Lilly Walters, is a must-read for speakers who either want to begin to work with bureaus, or who have been working semi-successfully with bureaus in the past. This concise 111 page e-book will provide you with the dos and don'ts and the hows, based on feedback from real bureaus, and books Lilly has written and contributed to in the past. If you wish to become a truly successful and sought-after speaker, and if you wish to team with many different bureaus, the information is "hot" and it's here. Don't waste another $3.85 on a Priority Mailing full of promotional materials and a video that will become landfill.  Seize this opportunity and learn to become A BUREAU'S FAVORITE SPEAKER."
-Kelly Hall
Hall Star Speakers & Talent


If you can make a match with a bureau, you have secured a wonderful business partnership. If you can work up a team of twenty non-exclusive bureaus who will book you just 6 times a year each, at $3000 per program, you make a gross annual income of $360,000, which is even more wonderful.

Whenever a speaker asks me, "Which ones are the good bureaus?", I must suppress a grin. How can you tell which are the "good" bureaus? The answer is obvious. A good bureau is one that gets you bookings, and sees that you get paid for them! Now, getting them to book you is what this e-Book is about:

This e-Book includes many comments from bureau surveys taken for my Speaking Industry Reports. Their replies are used ANONYMOUSLY. So they can say what they honestly feel. Such as when I asked what really annoys bureaus about speakers:


Ooooooh, that's a good question! I realize that they're not all sales speakers (though many sales speakers are THE WORST about this!), but if you're in your own business you need to appraise yourself of the basic skills. Do not call me and launch into an 'I,' 'I,' 'I' diatribe! The questions to ask:

1 - Is this a good time for you?
2 - Are you accepting speakers like me right now?
3 - How would you like to receive information from me?
4 -What do you look for in a speaker like me?
5 - How shall I follow up with you?

No matter who a speaker is, if (s)he calls me up (or worse, leaves me a message to call him/her back on his/her non-800 line and then traps me into listening to a pontification on my dime!) and launches into I did this, then I did that, then I, I, I; they're toast. That is so amateurish and unprofessional that I could never risk exposing my client to that sort of behavior. And it is SO COMMON! You would be doing us such a great service if you could get this word out.

When you see a comment like the one above, in that type for format, it is an anonymous comment from one of my Reports.

All original spelling is included. Information was removed only if a negative comment was made, and the context gave too large a hint as to who the speaker under discussion might be.

Also included is a 6 page excerpt from Lilly Walters upcoming McGraw-Hill Book,
1001 Ways Speakers, Consultants and Trainers Can Boost Their Income!

Table of Contents

For Lilly Walters 115 page e-Report:
How To Be A Speakers Bureau's Favorite Speaker!


What Do Bureaus Want?

Bureaus Dislike You Because

Brokers Are IMPRESSED When You Try to "Sell" Them Because

Stand Out In The Crowd With Speakers Bureaus

Look At The Business Through Their Eyes

Understanding the Speakers Bureau Perspective

What You Need Before Bureaus Will Consider You

Before You Approach A Speakers Bureau

How To Make Your First Introduction To a Bureau: Mail, Call or E-mail?

Sample comments from Bureaus about first contact:

Your Introductory Call To A Speakers Bureau

Sad Truths About Bulk Mailings To Speakers Bureaus


Actual Speakers Bureau Survey Comments: Why Bureau Favorites Are Their Favorites

"List three reasons you think your favorite professional public motivational and business speakers and lecturers are your favorites?"

"Over the hundreds of hopeful professional public speakers who wanted you to book them, why did you choose to work with those few?"

"What has impressed you about professional public motivational and business speakers and lecturers?"

Actual Speakers Bureau Survey Comment: What Annoys You About speakers?

"What turns you off most when a professional public motivational and business speakers and lecturer is working on selling you?"

"Why aren't you booking me?"

Do Say, Don't Say to A Speakers Bureau ...

Unusual Ways To Get Noticed By Speakers Bureaus

Actual Speakers Bureau Survey Comments: What Are the Problems With Speaker's Staff?

"Are there speakers you avoid working with because you dislike working with their staff?"

What comment would you like to make to those difficult speaker's staff, that of course you won't make because you are too polite?

Actual Speakers Bureau Survey Comments: Add-ons vs. Standard commissions

"Which does your speakers bureau do – add-on or not?"

"If you add-on, what percentage of your total bookings are of this add on?"

"How much do you add-on?

"The times when you take a commission FROM the total fee, what percentage of the speaking fee is standard in your company?"

"How much of a deposit do you ask for from the end buyer?"

"When do you give the speaker their portion of the deposit?"

"When do you ask for the balance of the total fee?"

"When do you give the speaker their portion of the balance?"

"Do you handle the billing for expenses? Or do you ask the speaker to handle this directly with the buyer?"

Who Are These Middlemen Like Speakers Bureaus and Agents?

The History Of Speakers Bureaus

Commissions, Fees and Add-ons

Sticky Ethics Issues With Bureaus and Speakers

The Touchy Business of Spin-offs and Repeats

When Two Bureaus Work on the Same Booking

What to Do When a Bureau "Comes In Behind You

The Buyer Looses Track Of How They Heard About The Speaker

When Speakers Don't Act As Sales Reps for the Bureau

Where Do You Find Lists Of Speakers Bureaus and Agents?

On the Internet

Grand Master e-List of Speakers Bureaus and Agents

Emailing Bureau Blast

International Directory of Agencies and Bureaus

National Speakers Association

IASB (The International Association of Speakers Bureaus)

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